Getting a property has never been easier with SmartHand’s new product, Smart Real Estate system. SmartHand is dedicated to providing you with smart solutions to make your life and your business easier. Smart Real Estate is a unique mechanism enabling businesses and agencies to purchase, sell, and lease real estate and commercial properties. All the necessary information about all kinds of properties is recorded in this system and can be easily accessed by users at any time. It includes a wide range of real estate standards for buying and selling, including those for purchasing, selling, renting, and leasing, as well as very sophisticated registration of all contracts based on the requirements and needs of the customer.

In this system, a company can connect several different branches and each branch can have information about registered properties in other branches while protecting the owner's branch. It includes all accounting transactions such as payments, receipts, income, security, purchase deposits, etc., in addition to many important reports and analyses of the information, making the process easier and less time-consuming. This system is the future of the real estate business.