This system is specially designed for companies that have partnerships with global companies. It generally consists of three main parts, the automotive trade, the service department, and the financial department. However, its scope goes beyond that, as it also includes several other important departments, such as vehicle management, purchasing, warehousing, sales, customer management, suppliers, funds, expenses, service, warranty management, and vehicle service. The system works online and offline and has now gained the trust of two of the world's largest companies and is allowed to be used by their partners. The system can also send data back to global companies and contains detailed reports on all departments. These reports give companies the tools they need to evaluate performance, spot patterns, and continuously improve their tactics.

SmartVehicle offers a comprehensive approach to streamlining the automobile industry's trade, improving consumer satisfaction, and increasing financial efficiency. It marks an evolution in global partnership management. Its track record with established industry leaders highlights its dependability and efficiency in the fiercely competitive field of international collaborations. Smart Vehicle is setting the pace for future success in the automobile industry through collaboration thanks to its wide range of features and unwavering dedication to excellence.